This Video of Eluru Police CI,Counselling a 7th Class Kid Driving Bike is Winning the Internet

7th class kid caught Driving Bike Eluru

7th class kid caught Driving Bike Eluru

A Video of Eluru CI Mr.Bangaraju counselling a 7th class kid caught driving a bike had gone viral across the internet.The Kid who got caught during the Police Drive had got afraid and literally cried before the CI.

The Kid had said that “Sorry Uncle,If my Dad know about this I will be killed,Please leave me,my House is Nearby” said the kid crying.However the CI handled the situation effectively,by counselling the kid.

“You are not supposed to do this,we will let this known to your parents” said the CI,however the kid begged him to leave him as he will be punished by his parents once caught,once the CI asked him to leave the bike over here and go to home,the kid cried saying “No Uncle my father will kill me,if I go home,with out bike”.

The Kid had requested the police to let him leave,and he wont drive the bike again,finally the police accepted his request by sending a constable accompanying him .

CI Bangaraju had been heaped by praises across the social media,for his sensitive handling of the situation.Parents just check your kids before they operate your vehicles..