Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Movie Review


Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Movie Review

Cast: Srinivas Reddy, Poorna, Ravi Varma, Krishna Baghavan and others
Music: Ravi Chandra
Producers: Shiva Raj Kanumuri and Satish Kanumuri
Direction: Shiva Raj Kanumuri
Banner: Shiva Raj Films

Comedian Srinivas Reddy has turned hero with Jayammu Nischayammu Raa. Since a long time, he has been playing comedian roles in Tollywood. Finally, he donned grease paint and it was released today. Its trailer and song ‘O Rangula Chilaka’ created a huge buzz. Let’s check out the content and performances of actors.


Sarva Mangalam (Srinivas Reddy) is a government employee who gets his posting in Kakinada. He is hoping to get transferred to his native place so that he can live with his mother.

His boss JS (Ravi Varma) wants to take a chance of his situation. He asks his room to spend with girls. He accepts and hopes that he would sign the transfer papers soon.

Sarva Mangalam is a decent person but he is innocent so everybody teases him in the office including peon. He falls in love with Rani who works at E-seva but cannot propose her as he is timid.

Days are passed by; he realizes that he should have belief in Baba to get succeeded in life. He earns everything with new found confidence but not the love. What does he do for getting succeeded in love with Rani? You have to watch on the big screen.

Srinivas Reddy who has hitherto been entertained audiences with his comedy punches in films has played a hero for the first time. Although he is confident about playing the assigned role, his Telangana slang is not up to the mark. Poorna is decent and played well her role. Ravi Varma who played as a lecherous is good enough. Posani, Brahmin, Jeeva, Krishna Baghavan and other did well.

The story of the film is good and engaging. Srinivas Reddy as government employee definitely fit the bill. The first half is interesting but narration goes on a slow pace. Director has taken a lot of time to introduce characters and enters into the main plot.

Although the script is the apt one, the movie does not have comedy scenes which are said to be major minus point in this movie. Director should have taken more care even on comedy so that it would have added flavor. However, it is a good attempt and good film.


More than script and actors, it is camera work which has won the marks for making every scene so natural. Dialogues are so pragmatic and music played major too to carry the mood till the end card. Director Sivaraaj directorial skills should be appreciated. Production values are adequate.

Final Say:
If you forgive a few flaws, you would enjoy Jayammu Nischayammu Raa

Rating : 2.75/5