Hilarious Entertaining Ghost Thriller : Karthi’s Kaashmora Telugu Movie Review


Kaashmora Telugu Movie Review

“Kaashmora” the name itself had several vibrations,it will give some thrill feel even we spell it,while the film penned by Popular Writer Yandamuri was a superhit made in Mid 80’s,Debut Director Gokul had used the same title with “Karthi” for a Horror Comedy Thriller.

The First Look,Teaser,Thriller which focused on Karthi’s Rajanayak Role in the Movie had raised the movie expectations to sky,while Nayanthara’s Epic Look of Ratnamahadevi added to the fuel. So finally keeping the waiting to end,karthi had come up with “Kaashmora” today.So this is how we feel about the movie..

“Kaashmora(Karthi)” is a famous Conjurer in Vizag,where he had been cheating people that he can get rid of Ghosts,While he is supported by his entire family including his father,mother,grandmother and sister.While He Keep on Earning Fame,A PHD Student (Sridivya) who is interested to submit a thesis on Ghosts,joins with Kaashmora as an apprentice.

Kaashmora grabs the attention of a Famous Politician(Sharat Lohitaswa) with his jimmicks,however Kaashmora family cheats the politician and escapes with Money worth Rs 500 Crores and Several Valuables from him,while Kaashmoora is locked by 14 Ghosts in an Fort at the same time,headed by Rajnayak(Karthi Dual Role).

Rajnayak Grabs Kaashmora’s family members all at once,and locks them in the same fort,along with Sridivya,and ask them to show way to his soul ,however Kaashmora finds that it was a trap and Rajnayak is going to finish him along with his family members,So Who is Rajnayak in Actual? Why is he interested in Killing Kaashmora’s Family? Will He succeed in Attempts ? Who is Ratnamahadevi(Nayanthara) forms the rest of the story.

The Movie starts in a Brilliant Note in Some South East Asian Country of a famous temple,where a Small Girl as Goddess,that was a thrilling experience that she set rights every thing at ease.While The Movie falls into comic phase as soon as Kaashmora enters the way he cheats people with superstitions is really hillarious,however the plot get thickens just before the pre interval ,and Karthi Gets Locked in the Fort.

While the Second Half is also set on Entertainment Based Horror,and the entry of Rajnayak as Headless man ,will give goosebumps.The Flashback episode of Ratnamahadevi Vs Rajnayak is really thrilling,while initially Rajnayak seems to be upperhand,Nayan totally took the situtation into her hands,as soon as Rajnayak Falls

The Conclusion is given on a satisfactory note,instead of ending the movie with killings,the director had choosen the path of mixing comedy with it.

The Entire Movie is Handled Singly By one Actor None other than “Karthi” his expressions as A Cheating Witch Hunter,and variations of Rajnayak are simply awesome,the Movie Will be Surely a Benefit to him.

Maturity in Acting had given Nayanthara really some good role as Ratnamahadevi,her expressions are great.

Sridivya’s role had nothing to do for her career,the role can be even played by a new actress..

Actor Vivek as the father of Kaashmora had been successful in bringing some good laughs.

The Politician Sharat Lohitashwa,Madhusudhan Rao as hi guru are good.

Debut Director Gokul choose a complex script for a new commer,however he is succesful in connecting the dots for a perfect climax.

Editor V J Sabu Joseph might had kept his scissors more sharp,the film’s runtime is nearly 2:45 Hours,Lots of scenes in first half might had chopped off..

Santosh Narayan BGM is good.

On A Whole the Movie is A Good Comedy Based Thriller,with some horror mixed in it.You can watch it for a fun filled weekend(Absolutely No Logics)