Dream of a “Devi”L : Abhinetri Telugu Movie Review

Abhinetri Telugu Movie Review

Abhinetri Telugu Movie Review

It was a horror comedy trend that was started by Maruthi’s “Prema Katha Chitram” ,that was established as a successful formula in Tollywood,However talented director Like A L Vijay,had mixed up the same concept of Ghost Comedy along with the Performance of Tamannah in 2 Different Shades.Lets See how the Movie is Cooked Up.

The Movie starts from the dream of a Krishna (Prabhudeva),who was obsessed to marry a Modern Girls inspite of 32 Love Rejections,However it was due to his dad’s Pressure he marries a Village Girl Devi (Tamannah) Half Heartedly,while he tries his level best along with his friend Saptagiri to get rid of her,it was all in vain,while the couple is shifted to a haunted flat in Mumbai,Suddenly Devi Starts Behaving Strangely.

One day the couple leaves for an Awards Function for Tollywood Star Raj Karan(Sonu Sood),gets mesmerized by the dance of Devi over there,while she reveals her name as Ruby,Raj decides to take her into his Movie.However Devi starts behaving strangely and reveals her name as Ruby and want to act in films at any cost.So who is Ruby,isn’t she the innocent Village Girl Devi? Does her dream of acting in a film will succeed? Forms the rest of the story.

The Story is a smart script with not much twists,while the first half is of full of fun,with prabhudeva’s plans on Tamannah,the second half is of completely Tamannah ,where she kept every one engaged by switching betwen the roles of Devi and Ruby.However there are not much violence in either of the halves,it was a fun ride.

Prabhudeva generates enough fun in the first half,with his ambition of marrying a posh girl,while all of them were foiled by his grandma.However he asusually rocked with his steps for the 1’st Song.

Coming to Tamannah,she did justice for both the roles of Devi and Ruby,As Ruby she portrayed much more confidence in her face,that adds much more value to the actress,while as devi,she resembled Jyothika in Chandramukhi for some sequences.On a whole she excelled the role.

Sonu Sood as Rajkaran is Good,however his role resembles many of his old films like Kandireega ,as an innocent lover.

Saptagiri got a good role for comedy in the movie.

Music by the duo Sajid-Wajid & Vishal Mishra is good,The BGM is rocking.

Director Vijay took a subject of minimum risk by choosing Horror Comedy,however if it was any other actress than Tamannah,the film might had got a disaster.

On a whole the film is not completely Horror,it’s about the obsession of an aspiring artist,that got fulfilled finally,however we need to look the film without applying logics for enjoying the fun ride..Abhinetri Horror With Fun,Watch and Enjoy…