Here are some Wonderful Benefits of Reciting Chandi Saptha Shathi

Chandi Saptha Shathi Benefits

Chandi Saptha Shathi Benefits

“Chandi” is a sanskrit word that means “Tear Apart.” Goddess Chandi is known for tearing our egoistic thoughts,and leading us in the right path. Durga/Chandi Saptha Shathi is a composition of Saptha (Seven) Shathi (Hundred) – 700 Slokas of the birth of Shakthi up to the conclusion of war between Devi and the Rakshasas.
* Reciting of Chandi Saptha Shathi would result in increase of waak Shakthi. People would love to listen to a person who recites or chants Saptha Shathi.

* Regular recitation of Durga Saptha Shathi for the Nine days or Nava Rathras gives the person the logical, calculative, presence of mind and health related strengths.

* Saptha Shathi has the power to Grant Courage and Motivates A person.

* Once we perform Durga Saptha Shathi recitation in a structured procedure with proper pronunciation with Swara, The person will experience bliss and inculcate discipline in any task he or she performs. Resulting in success.
Source : Quora