Listen to Mahamrityunjaya Mantra the Most Powerful Stotra of Lord Shiva

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् |
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ॥
The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is one of the most powerful verses in Hinduism is from the rig Veda.Which stresses on the importance of concentrating on our third eye which lies behind the two eyes and this gives us the power to feel you and by this we feel happy, satisfied and peace in life.

Although Immortality is impossible,however some extensions can be obtained from Lord Shiva through this Stotra. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is known for uplifting people during the times of distress and failure,rejuvenating them to think about the purpose of their life.

Maha” which means Great , “Mrityun” means Death and “Jaya” mean Victory which turns into Conquer or victory over death.The Mantra is also known as “Rudra Mantra” or “Trayambakam Mantra” is said to be a healing force that works throughout the world.